Bioenergy production from residual through novel integrated carbon chain pathway




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  • EUBCE 2015 - 23rd European Biomass Conference and exhibition, Vienna, Austria, 1-4 June, 2015 Link


  • 3rd Water Research Conference (IWA) 11 - 14 January 2015 | Shenzhen Kylin Villa, Shenzhen, China Link


  • RAMIRAN 2015 16th International Conference Rural-Urban Symbiosis, 8 –10 September 2015 Hamburg Germany Link




BioCap Alliance

BioCap Alliance contributes with realistic solutions for the current and long term energy and environmental strategy of Denmark and Korea, of which limited biomass availability is a significant barrier for renewable energy production. The new technology will provide a pathway to transform and use residual biomass for biogas production. Read more...



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